Website design with wordpress does not need to know programming. (P1)

According to research from Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM), the e-commerce market in Vietnam by 2021 will exceed 15 billion USD with growth rate of about 30% per year.
And value of online shopping: 600 USD / person / year until 2025.
In e-commerce, an indispensable factor is the website. Creating a website is not too difficult now, without knowing how to program, you can still create your own website to introduce the products and services that you provide.
There are many platforms to help you do that:
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Wix
  • Godaddy
Generally a lot for you to choose from.
In this article, I will guide you on how to create a website on wordpress platform without knowing programming.

Benefits of designing website for sale.

  • As a marketing channel that can help you reach more customers
  • Take advantage of different traffic sources, you can reuse the user’s cookies on the website to run ads.
  • You are the owner and the website is your property, when you put money into marketing for it the data will be yours.
  • Unlike if you have a fan page or a shop on e-commerce floor, their data, it can help you generate revenue, but you can also get regained at any time if you do not comply with their policies.
  • You can customize the website as you like
  • Make your business more trustworthy
  • Sales 24/7

Things to have before designing website.


Hosting is a place to store your website. It is like a piece of land for you to build a house. That means without hosting, there is no website.
* Note: You should not use free floating web hosting for the following reasons:
  • Unstable speed
  • The site was inserted with ads.
  • The hosting manager has the right to delete your account.
It depends on which hosting provider you use. But in general there will be 2 steps.
  • When you buy Hosting, the provider will give you the username + password and the link for you to login to the hosting admin page.
  • After setting up some basic information (this is easy), you will choose the platform you want to build the web on (here is wordpress) and you will set up another username + password for wordpress.
The wordpress page you just installed is just a blog.
Blog wordpress
Blog wordpress
To turn it from a blog into a professional sales website, you need to install a plugin (Plugins) on the sales web.

Website design with woocommerce sales.

To install a plugin, please follow the steps below.
  • Login to your website admin interface on wordpress platform.
  • Click to select the plugin> install new
Install new Plugin
Install new Plugin
  • In the search section, type keywords: woocommerce> Settings
Website design with woocommerce sales
Website design with woocommerce sales

After installing woocommerce a new tab in your website admin will appear. With a full range of basic functions for online business.

Website design sales with Woocommerce
Website design sales with Woocommerce

Website interface (Theme)

Website when you first create it with default WordPress theme looks very bad. And of course, can not sell on this interface
For customers to have a better view of the business, you should choose a theme (theme) suitable for your industry.
There are usually 2 types of themes:
  • Theme for free
  • Premium theme (for 1 theme for e-commerce usually ranges around ~ $ 50)
I do not encourage you to use free themes floating around the internet, and it is the fastest way to bring viruses and malicious code to your website.
You should choose theme providers that you trust
Several famous theme providers in the world
  • ….
After purchasing the theme from the vendor, you can go to your website’s admin page and select the theme section
Wordpress interface
WordPress interface
Then you can upload the interface file you just bought.

Domain name

There are many domain name registrars out there that you can choose from.
For those of you who do not have a Visa or Mastercard card, or do not know how to point nameservers, you can contact Loogle to get support.

Set up the nameserver

After purchasing the domain name you can navigate to the domain management section
Then choose change Nameserver
During the hosting purchase will give you Nameserver, you copy it and paste in the new nameserver entry in the new domain.

Change domain on wordpress

After you have installed the nameservers in the new domain, go to the admin section of the wordpress website and choose.
Settings> General
Then paste in your new domain name. It is done.
Set up a domain name for the website
Set up a domain name for the website
* Note: You have to follow the correct order, if you are wrong you will have an error.


So have completed the basic steps of website design sales by wordpress platform.
In the next part, I will guide you how to post products and some other basic functions of wordpress for you to sell online.
If you want your website to become more professional and have some other special functions that your competitors don’t have, please contact Loogle for support.

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