Variations in lightweight motion

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You’ll learn to incorporate lightweight motion and build on it using additional creative recommendations.

Use motion to communicate a message

The addition of lightweight motion to a static image can better grab attention with content focused on what makes your brand great. People scroll through their feeds very quickly, and simple lightweight motion can help your ad stand out in a busy newsfeed.

To enhance your content, consider these options:

Brand in Motion

Benefit in Motion

Demo in Motion

Brand in motion

When people already have a favorable impression of a brand, lightweight motion can help accentuate its value. Animate your logo or product within the first three seconds. If you already use motion, layer the animated branding on top.

When you add interesting lightweight motion to your branding, it can help build brand awareness.

Benefits in motion

People care about how a product or brand can improve their lives, so, when possible, highlight the most compelling benefit within the first 3–5 seconds.

In addition to benefits, you can also test: a promo, an offer, a discount or a testimonial.

Demo in motion

If your product is easy to use, show it in action. While you might think it’s intuitive, others may not.

How do I choose the right messaging?

How familiar are people with the brand?

If they already feel favorably about your brand, you might focus on the branding as a way to connect with them.

Does the product solve a significant issue people have?

If so, highlight that benefit to motivate people to take action.

Based on perception, how easily can people use your product?

If their perception isn’t apparent, consider a demo to illustrate how easy the product is to use.

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Key Takeaways

  • The addition of lightweight motion to a static image creates content that grabs attention and focuses on what makes your brand great.

  • When possible, add motion to the brand or the benefit or include a demo of your product to deliver the message.


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