Valuable Trends

Use this lesson to:

  • Identify trends and issues that can provide valuable content to a community.


Your community is not isolated from global and local events, trends and issues. This can include global issues such as climate change, a health crisis, or local news and events. Pop-culture trends will also affect the social media platforms that your community uses, and most of your members will engage with trending topics in some way.

In this lesson, we will share examples of trends and issues that can help community managers create relevant and valuable content to increase engagement with their communities.

Common trends

Community managers can research trending topics and incorporate them into content to increase its relevance to their audience. Here are a few examples of trends and issues that you may consider:

Global and local news

Events that occur at a global or local scale may affect members of your community. Include these issues in your content to acknowledge how a particular event may be affecting your audience. Make sure to cite reliable sources and avoid misinformation.

Holidays and festivities

Refresh your content with seasonal elements, whether it’s to celebrate the beginning of spring or to commemorate an upcoming festivity.

Viral memes and internet challenges

Have you seen what is trending on Facebook and Instagram? Chances are that your community members have. Make use of memes, GIFs and internet challenges to engage your community, but make sure that the content that you are sharing adheres to your community guidelines and aligns with your community mission.

These trends are valuable for connecting your community to the wider world but are best used sparingly, as they could shift attention away from your mission.

Find valuable trends

The key to finding valuable trends is to monitor traditional and social media. What’s happening in the world? What’s happening outside my community? What other social media are my members consuming? Here are some ways to find valuable trends to engage your community:


Facebook IQ can lead you to powerful, actionable insights and measurement about the behavior of your community. Use Insights To Go to look at insights aggregated by region, industry, people and more. Page Insights and Groups Insights can show you which posts are trending in your community.


News outlets can provide valuable information about what’s happening globally and locally. If you want to share news with your community, make sure to post news from reliable sources. Facebook News offers a collection of headlines and stories from trustworthy publishers.

Social listening

Social listening is the act of monitoring social media to determine what people are saying about a particular topic. You can use hashtags and keyword alerts to start social listening in your community. Hashtags turn topics and phrases into links in your posts and can help you find more related posts about topics you’re interested in. Keyword alerts enable you to receive notifications when specific words and phrases appear in your community.

Your community members will often provide valuable trends and give you ideas of what content they would like to see. Engage your community in conversation and explore what valuable trends you can include in your conversation.

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Key takeaways:

  • Community managers can include relevant trends in their content strategy to improve community engagement.

  • Trends may include global and local news, holidays and festivities, viral memes and internet challenges, among others.



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