usiness Goals and Ad Objectives

What You’ll Learn

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate how our platforms can meet your business needs.
  • Identify how your business goals map to our ad objectives.

Business Goals and Objectives

Once you know the desired action you want people to take, you are ready to map your business goals to our ad objectives.

We use three broad categories for our objectives: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. Within each category, you can choose one of several objectives.

The objectives are designed to lead your audience through the marketing funnel from awareness of your brand or product, through consideration, to conversion.

Ad Objectives Details​

Within each of these categories, there are several more specific objectives you can choose to map to your business goals. The graphic below shows the interface in Ads Manager where advertisers select the appropriate objective.

Think About It

Based on the stated goal, choose the best objective.

How to Map Business Goals to Ad Objectives​​​​

Mapping your business goal to one of our ad objectives is a key part of a successful creative strategy. If you’re having trouble identifying the best objective, use the steps below to guide your decision.

  1. Identify the primary goal of your campaign: Awareness, Consideration or Conversion.
  2. Identify the active or passive action you want people to take. People usually demonstrate their engagement through interactions with your ads. Likes, comments and shares are one measure of engagement, but they don’t necessarily translate to business goals. Better measures include people clicking your call-to-action buttons, browsing your carousels, watching your videos or opening your Instant Experience ads.
  3. Choose the ad objective that aligns with the action you want people to take.

Your Client: Akemia

Imagine that you are building a creative brief for Akemia, a large US-based automotive company. Each card below represents how you might think about translating their business goal into one of our ad objectives.

After flipping over each card, think about how each step will impact the ad objective you choose.


Akemia is a luxury automotive company that has been in business for over 60 years. They are a trusted brand that offers a wide variety of full-sized and sport vehicles.

Think About It

Read the scenario below to help you determine the most appropriate ad objective for FilmStreamNow. Use the steps above to inform your decision.

Overview: FilmStreamNow is a subscription-based online video streaming company based in the UK.

Goal: Increase monthly downloads of their mobile app.

Strategy: Develop trailers and interactive assets that showcase the most-watched content on FilmStreamNow by the target demographic.

Audience: College students who have visited the website or app download page.

History: FilmStreamNow has run several campaigns on YouTube and Facebook offering discounts and seven-day free trials. These campaigns were fairly successful. Now the client would like to retarget people who visited the webpage or app homepage but did not take further action.

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