Introduction to Ads Manager & Build Campaigns With Quick Creation

Use this lesson to:

  • Understand how to build a campaign using quick creation
  • Identify your admin, advertiser or analyst before creating an ad campaign
  • Understand how to create a new Facebook ad

About Ads Manager

There are a few different ways that you can create ads in Ads Manager, depending on your business goals.

  • If you’re new to Facebook advertising, you can start with guided creation. You select an ad objective at the campaign level, specify delivery preferences at the ad set level and input creative at the ad level.
  • More experienced Facebook advertisers can use quick creation to rapidly develop templates that can be populated later with ad objectives, ad set details and ad creative.

We cover two advanced techniques in the Blueprint course Edit and Manage Facebook Ads:

  • Duplication creates copies of existing campaigns, ad sets or ads, which you can then edit.
  • Import/Export allows advanced Facebook advertisers to bulk upload and download ad details and creative.

The Facebook Ads Manager App for iOS and Android supports campaign creation and duplication anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi signal. There are a few differences between the browser and app experiences. For example, when you access Ads Manager in a browser, you can create an ad using any of our 11 ad objectives. The app offers a smaller selection of ad objectives. But, the app also allows you to upload images to your ad directly from your Instagram account.

There are also other Facebook tools and resources that connect to Ads Manager:

  • Business Manager helps organizations securely share essential data, resources and visual assets with external vendors and ad agencies.
  • Campaign Planner is a standalone tool for media planners to draft, compare, share and buy media plans using reach and frequency buying across Facebook and Instagram.
  • Creative Hub is a place to discover, create and share ad mockups. You can test concepts in Creative Hub, then send them to Ads Manager to purchase and deliver them.

Assign Page roles

Before you start delivering ads on Facebook, determine which Page roles to assign yourself and your teammates. There are three roles for people who work in Ads Manager: admin, advertiser and analyst.

  • Page admins can manage all aspects of Facebook ads.
  • The advertiser role is for people whose primary job is to create and edit ads.
  • The analyst role is for people whose primary job is to measure ad performance.
Tasks Roles
View ads Page admins, advertisers, analysts
Create and edit ads Page admins, advertisers
Edit payment method Page admins
Manage Page roles and permissions Page admins
Access reports Page admins, advertisers, analysts

Other Page roles include moderator or editor. These roles are for people who work strictly on your Page, not in Ads Manager. It’s usually best to assign people the lowest access level they need to do their jobs and to review Page roles regularly. For more information, see the Help Center article about Page roles.

A Page admin also needs to establish a payment method for the Page before any ads can run. The final section of this course describes where and how admins can establish payment methods and set permissions.

Choose your creation workflow

To get started, go to Ads Manager by visiting Start at the campaign level, and select + Create.

The first time you use Ads Manager, you’ll choose which creation workflow to use.

  • Guided creation walks you through all choices at the campaign, ad set and ad levels, including your audience, budget and creative. When finished, you’ll have a complete campaign.
  • Quick creation allows you to fill in minimal details, such as your campaign’s name and objective, in any order. You can edit and complete your campaign later.

When you select + Create to start a new campaign, you’ll default to whichever option you last used, but you can switch between workflow options.Knowledge Check

Quick creation

The quick creation workflow allows large advertisers or agencies to frame campaigns while waiting for final creative and text. It’s a good option for experienced advertisers who want the flexibility to complete campaign steps out of order. To toggle from the default guided campaign setup to quick creation, select Switch to Quick Creation in the upper right of the campaign creation workflow in Ads Manager.

The quick creation option is less hands-on than the guided creation process. It allows you to draft all three elements simultaneously or create new ad objects within an existing campaign or ad set.

After you select Switch to Quick Creation, the guided campaign creation flow is replaced with the screen below. You can switch back to guided creation at any time.This process generates placeholders for campaigns, ad sets and ads. After you create your template, fill in the details just like you would in the guided creation process. You can also bulk import information.

Congratulations, you’ve finished this lesson!

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