The Role of Market, Message, and Media in Ad Delivery

What You’ll Learn:

  • Determine how to account for external factors that might impact the delivery of a campaign.

Factors Influencing Ad Engagement 

Reaching your audience with relevant messaging and effective creative can help you achieve your objectives. Whether it’s to drive ad recall or influence a purchase decision, what are the external factors that can influence the delivery?

These factors include:

  • Market influences
  • Message complexity
  • Media environment

Depending on these factors, you might opt to increase or decrease frequency of your ads or adjust your copy and assets accordingly.

Market Influences On Ad Delivery

When someone sees an advertisement, they reflect on their previous interactions they have had with the brand. These market factors refer to anything that influences a consumer aside from the ad itself.

This can include, but is not limited to, how familiar they are with the product or brand, where they are in the purchase cycle, market share, etc. All of these will make people react differently.

We recommend increasing frequency of your ad delivery when your audience is less familiar with your brand or when the purchase cycle is expected to take place within a short period of time.

Message Complexity on Frequency

People tend to scan text on mobile rather than read word-for-word. If your audience is already familiar with the message, people can more easily associate your message to information they already know.

Unique messages with less complexity tend to be easier for people to process.

In response to the complexity, uniqueness and familiarity of the message, we recommend that you increase frequency when your copy does not fit these suggestions.

Media Environment and Competition

While you have designed an ad for your audience at a specific time, the hour, day and month can greatly impact how your ad delivers on our platform.

For example, throughout December, we tend to see more businesses using our auction to bid for ad space. Because of this, the competition greatly impacts how your ad delivers.

Remember, both the business’ and people’s value is taken into account to choose each auction winner. Even the most engaging ads need to be shown at a higher frequency to break through the clutter.

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In Conclusion

An effective campaign must take into account not only creative executions, but the influences of consumer engagement.


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