The Current (and Quickly Evolving) Measurement Landscape

Use this lesson to:

  • Explain the need for cross-channel measurement in today’s media landscape.

Today’s landscape

How we measure the impact of advertising continues to evolve. Not only do people use more devices and screens to view ads, they also view second screens while they watch TV. This multi-screening behavior further fragments attention and warrants new strategies for measuring the effectiveness of ad spend.

Then and now

The traditional ad campaign measurement approach sees channels as silos, which often leads to missed insights on how channels work together to drive business outcomes. At Facebook, we are exploring how cross-channel measurement solutions depict media performance more realistically than siloed solutions. We focus on how to combine the unique strengths of each channel to achieve business goals. We have found that in running TV and Facebook campaigns together, advertisers can increase both sales and the reach and frequency of their advertising.

How TV, Facebook, email and other channels work together is a relatively new area of study and focus area for advertisers and analysts. Facebook is uniquely positioned to measure cross-channel effectiveness and help teams decide how to allocate marketing budget across channels. For example, Facebook offers a custom lift solution to measure the incremental impact of how Facebook and TV work independently or when paired together.

Knowledge check

Key takeaways

  • Multi-screening behavior fragments attention and changes advertising effectiveness.
  • While the strength of advertising is well known in the aggregate, it is difficult to determine how advertising works at an individual level.


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