Targeting identifies exactly the desired audience

Use this lesson to:

  • Identify the audience desired by selecting the appropriate interests and behaviors for your ads
  • Implement a targeting strategy that focuses on reach and precision and eliminates waste

To begin, log into Ads Manager. Create a new campaign, or add an ad set to an existing campaign. Remember, audience targeting occurs at the ad set level.

Location-based audiences

There are four different ways to define your audience based on location. You can request that your ads be delivered to:

  • Everyone: People living in or recently in this location
  • Local: People who live in this location
  • New Residents: People recently in this location
  • Visitors: People traveling in this location

A local hardware store might include people who are residents or have recently moved to an area, but opt to conserve ad spend by excluding tourists. A restaurant or boutique, however, could advertise to everyone.

Geographic audiences

Use the Browse feature to target your ads worldwide, by country or postal code.

Type in an address to deliver your ads to people who live within a 1 to 50 mile radius of this location.

Note: People who’ve included an address in their profile or have location services turned on will be reached.

Regional audiences

Set your audience based on region to identify and select countries based on non-geographic commonalities. Regions that you can advertise to include:

  • Free trade areas: Advertise within a single free trade area — for example, the European Economic Area.
  • App Store regions: Reach countries where the iTunes App Store, Android Paid Store, or Android Free Store is available. Or mix and match.
  • Emerging markets: Identify and advertise in one of more than 20 countries that are experiencing rapid economic growth.
  • Euro Area: Target people in countries that use the euro as their common currency.

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Interests and Behaviors

Facebook can deliver ads to people based on their interests and behaviors

  • Detailed targeting options, including interests, may be based on people’s interests, activities, and pages and posts they like on our platform.
  • Behavior targeting lets you reach people based on device usage and other activities on our platform.

For example, choose “baking” as an interest to display ads to people who self-identify “baking” as an activity they enjoy, or who may follow the Pages of bakeries.

Once you’ve added an interest or behavior, Facebook may suggest additional interests and behaviors that correspond to the first one.

Potential reach estimates

When adding multiple targeting characteristics, be aware that each additional one narrows the total pool of people that your ad set can be shown to; the indicator under your potential reach can help you find the right balance.

In this example 520,000 people could potentially see this ad set.

1,300 people could potentially see this ad set.

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Congratulations, you’ve finished this lesson!


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