Size of facebook ads image, help optimize ads (newest) 2021

Continuing the series about facebook ads, today I will introduce to you the facebook image size section, which helps optimize to run ads as well as to use avatars or cover images for your fanpage to standard facebook for images. Beautiful and eye-catching.

Why need to know the size of facebook images before running facebook ads.

In the past, I have met a few of customers running facebook ads, when asked about the size of facebook images used for advertising, it was surprising, they did not care about this issue, they designed the approximate image and posted it. stop it. Facebook will adjust itself.
This leads to their image when advertising may lose some important content or messages to convey to customers.
More than 80% of the users on Facebook will be through mobile phones, so you should prioritize designing images that will attract them. Otherwise they will pass you off very quickly.

Facebook image size of Avatar (avatar)

The aspect ratio will be 1: 1 (square photo).
Desktop interface image size: 170 x 170 pixels (minimum)
Mobile interface image size: 128 x 128 pixels (minimum)
Facebook encourages you to use the PNG format image file for your avatar and cover image for better image quality.
The above is just the recommended facebook image size for you or you can design a photo with a higher resolution for better quality, but remember the 1: 1 aspect ratio and the image resolution does not exceed 2048 x 2048 pixels. Please.
A little note: your avatar will automatically be cut into a circle in the ad and article, so you should take care to avoid losing your logo.

Cover image size (cover photo)

The cover photo will also be available in 2 sizes on 2 different devices:
  • Desktop interface cover image size: 820 x 312 pixels (width: height)
  • Mobile interface cover image size: 640 x 369 pixels (width: height)
Facebook recommends the fastest image to load at 851 x 315 pixels (wide: tall) in JPG format and less than 100 kilobytes.
Note: This size will also be used for video cover format and for fanpage, personal page or group.

Image sizes for ads.

You can refer to some of the frame rates from facebook here. Besides that you can download picture frames of facebook.
Usually there are 5 aspect ratios:
  • 1.91: 1 (horizontal)
  • 16: 9 (horizontal)
  • 1: 1 (square)
  • 4: 5 (vertical)
  • 9:16 (vertical)

Size of shared link image (thumbnail).

To build content for fanpage, sometimes you will share articles on the website about fanpage to increase traffic.
For the full and beautiful image, you should adjust the size to 1200 x 630 pixels (width: height).
Thumbnail image
Thumbnail image

Facebook newsletter images.

Pictures are displayed on the home page of facebook (newsfeed).
For this format facebook supports 1: 1 aspect ratio and minimum size of 600 x 600 pixels.
There is no maximum resolution, so just choose the image with the highest resolution and remember to have 1: 1 aspect ratio.
Newsletter photo
Newsletter photo

Native ads facebook advertising images.

Usually this format is only for desktop so it is uncommon, its location is on the top right column of facebook.
An aspect ratio of 1.91: 1 to 1: 1 is supported, but can be cropped to 1: 1.
Minimum frame size: 254 x 133 pixle (width: height)
Similarly, for this ad format there is no limit to the correct scaling resolution.
Note: The image is quite small, so you should not add text.
Native ads
Native ads

Facebook market place.

Almost like google shopping, is a place to buy and sell goods in the community.
For this format, there are no strict requirements, you just leave the aspect ratio 1: 1 to be all.
Facebook market place
Facebook market place

Facebook stories.

As a way to create interactions with users through facebook newsletters, combine with a salty design team to get better engagement.
9:16 aspect ratio, minimum resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels and minimum width of 500 pixels
* Note: Please limit the logo or text to the top and bottom because the call to action button may obscure this part.
Facebook story
Facebook story

Size of multiple images in one ad post.

Multiple square images at the same time, the layout will be:
2 images: 245 x 245 px for both
3 images: 500 x 245 px (top image) and 245 x 245 px (bottom 2).
4 images: 245 x 245 px for all
5 or more images: 2 images over 245 x 245 px, 3 under images: 163 x 163 px
Square photo
Square photo

Multiple horizontal images at the same time, the layout will be:

2 images: 492 x 245 px
3 images: 492 x 327 px (top image) and 245 x 163 px (bottom 2)
4 images: 492 x 327 px (top image) and 163 x 163 px (3 below)
5 or more images: 245 x 245 px (2 on the left) and 245 x 163 px (3 on the right)
Horizontal photo
Horizontal photo

Multiple vertical images at the same time, the layout will be:

2 images: 245 x 492 px
3 images: 327 x 492 px (left) and 163 x 245 px (2 right)
4 images: 327 x 492 px (left) and 163 x 163 (3 right)
5 or more images: 245 x 245 px (2 left) and 245 x 163 (3 right)
Vertical photo
Vertical photo


Through this article, I have listed all the facebook image sizes and minimum resolutions of some Facebook ad formats.
Hope to help you have a beautiful photo and attract more users.
You can refer to some other articles about facebook and things you should know to avoid being locked out of hot account today.
Wish you early success!

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