What is SEO google maps? How to optimize location on google maps

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    Google my business (GMB) is a free google tool that helps merchants manage their business and makes it visible on search engines, also known as SEO google maps.
    If SEO normally focuses on the content of the website to get high rankings on google search engine, SEO for google maps focuses on CPC.
    The display position will also be different from regular SEO.
    Google My Business
    Google My Business
    No matter what field you are in. If you have an offline store, you should optimize your CPC to bring more competitive advantage.

    Everything you need to know about GMB

    Your business info will appear on both google search and google maps.
    Any 3rd party that uses the google maps API will also display information about your business
    GMB is not a substitute for a website, but relies on your branding and website availability to increase organic traffic.

    The benefits that GMB brings

    The most obvious benefit that GMB or SEO google maps bring is.
    Improve search position and increase organic traffic.
    The increase in organic traffic leads to an increase in revenue as well.
    Increase trust and enhance brand

    How to optimize GMB?

    For SEO google maps, the first thing you must make sure is an offline store. Because then need to verify with google about this place. If you do not meet these conditions, this is not the marketing channel for you.
    Step 1: You need a GMB account. You can go to https://www.google.com/intl/en_vn/business/ to create an account. It is best to use the email you registered for your domain name (domain).
    Đăng ký GMB
    Sign up for GMB

    Step 2: Choose the category in which you do business.

    Choose a business category
    Choose a business category

    Step 3: Add your business location

    Step 4: Add some details about your business

    Chi tiết doanh nghiệp
    Business details
    Step 5: The last step you add some other details about your business such as: working hours, photos, description, …
    After completing the steps above. You proceed to verify this place with google to make sure it shows up on google maps.

    Verify locations with google

    There are 2 forms for you to verify locations with google.
    • Email: After sending a verification request to google, they will send you a 4-digit PIN via mail, and it usually takes up to 14 days or longer for you to receive it.
    • Meeting Online: This is relatively faster. You meet directly with the Loogle team, livestreaming them about where you are doing business. You will then be confirmed. (If you don’t know how to contact the google team, ask loogle for help)

    Complete your business information.

    Key word.

    Like the traditional SEO method. You should add keywords associated with the business name as well as description so that Google can retrieve the data.
    You can name it according to the rule: Brand + keyword for which you want SEO google maps.
    In terms of the number of keywords for 1 GMB, you should only SEO google maps from 2 – 5 keywords will achieve the best performance.

    Hours of operation.

    Google gives you quite a few features for customizing the hours for special events and holidays of the year. You should always keep this up-to-date in order to get satisfaction from your customers.
    Even in the covid-19 situation, Google has more offers for your business to ensure customer service and community safety.

    Add a business photo.

    GMB with an image of your business gets 35% more website clicks for businesses that don’t.
    Besides, so that customers can trust and imagine your business will also increase the likelihood that they can come directly.

    Add a catalog of the products you sell.

    Google business allows you to manage categories like on a website, you can create many categories for customers to easily find products they are interested in.
    Besides, their stay time on your CPC is also a good factor to help Google evaluate your business. That can help you improve search rankings
    Quản lý sản phẩm
    Product Management

    Add some other special features

    Several other special GMB features allow you to mark a business owned by black people or women.
    Some other features related to health, delivery or parking.
    These small features are often overlooked. But I recommend it is also a way for google to evaluate your business. So as detailed as possible is only beneficial, not harmful.

    How to improve your GMB ranking?

    Post products regularly.

    You should synchronize products sold on website and GBM in product section.

    GMB is like your 2nd website, the more products you post, the higher the percentage of customers who stay, and your rankings will improve.
    A small note is that you should not post the same product.
    If you don’t have time to post products regularly. Loogle has a tool that can help you post automatically from your website to CPC. Please contact us for support.
    In addition to posting products to GMB. You can also use the posts feature to share more about events, offers, product knowledge, …
    These posts help customers engage with your GMB and increase their stay time on GMB.
    Posts should include links and navigation buttons. Here you can redirect customers to specific product pages or promotions on your website.
    Navigation button
    Navigation button
    * Note: Frequency is the most important thing here. You have to do it every day to bring good results. Should not post multiple posts or pictures at the same time.

    Interacting with customers

    Interact with customers by responding to their comments. It is also your way of showing professionalism and respect for them.
    Positive reviews influence your rankings.
    It will increase your visibility in search results.

    How to increase more natural reviews.

    Create more promotions at your store to encourage customer reviews. Depending on who your customer group is, create promotions accordingly.
    Create more links for customers to click on and review for your business. Having to go through many complicated processes will make customers not want to review.
    * Note:
    • You can review your business yourself, but don’t overdo it. To be sustainable, you need reviews from your customers.


    Just like traditional SEO. SEO google maps also need your time and perseverance. Can not eat immediately.
    Using tools or tricks to increase the amount of abnormal reivew doesn’t have long-term results either.
    Factory Outlet is a customer who has used Loogle’s SEO google maps service. Here are the results.
    Increase organic searches
    Increase organic searches
    Google maps GMB
    Google maps GMB
    Lượt xem ảnh SEO google maps
    View SEO google maps

    Wish you early success!

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