Reengage Your Audience

What You’ll Learn

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain how you can reengage your audience using Custom Audiences.
  • Articulate the capabilities and limits of Custom Audiences.

What Are Custom Audiences?

With Custom Audiences, you have multiple ways to target your ads new and existing customers. Through our website and app signals using the Facebook pixel and SDK, you can reach people who have engaged with your brand both within and outside of our platforms.

If you have physical stores, you can use contact information people have shared with your business. With this information, we anonymize any information you share with us to reach your audience in a privacy-safe way.

Case Study: Kortni Jeane

Custom Audiences are excellent for retargeting people who have already interacted with your business. They present a unique opportunity to develop creative for people who are already aware of what your business does.

Kortni Jeane worked to design a creative strategy using Custom Audiences.

Kortni Jeane, a swimsuit brand, and Dan Murphy’s, had a slow start to the year because of the shelter-in-place orders. Kortni Jeane decided to draw attention to the brand by running a weeklong Facebook ad campaign touting new product drops every morning at 10am.

To do this, they used information provided by the Facebook pixel on their website to better understand what people do there, so that they could deliver the most relevant ads to their audience.

The team showed the ads to US women aged 18 and over, including those with an interest in swimming, shopping, fashion, pools, beaches, swimsuits or beachwear. It also showed the ads to Custom Audience of website visitors, and to lookalike audiences based on the characteristics of the website visitors and of past purchasers. Kortni Jeane then retargeted ads to website visitors and people who viewed the original ads.

As a result, Kortni Jeane reports:

  • 22.9X return on ad spend
  • Over 2,000 purchases
  • 11% increase in conversion rate

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