Our Value Within Digital Marketing

What You’ll Learn

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Articulate our unique value within the digital marketing space.
  • Determine how our platforms can fit within your larger marketing strategy.

Facebook Value Within Digital Marketing

With so many digital and traditional advertising channels to choose from, we want to equip you with the unique value our family of apps has to offer.

Whether you’re trying to raise awareness of a brand, build consideration through video or increase sales, we can help you achieve your business goals.

  • Our targeting tools offer a level of sophistication and automation not widely available on other platforms.
  • You can create unique interactive experiences that engage people with your client’s brand and products.
  • Whether you want to stick to short videos and images or get more adventurous with Stories and Instant Experiences, our versatile platform gives you many options to choose from.

Questions to Ask

If you define your objective first, you can easily determine how our formats can support your business goals.

What do you want people to do when they see your ad?
Once you’ve determined the action you’d like people to take, it’s easy to figure out how our apps and services can help you achieve your goal.

Can our family of apps and services complement other ad channels?
There is evidence to show that reaching people several times through different mediums, like TV and Facebook, can be powerful.

Can your brand take full advantage of all the placements we offer?
Since most people use multiple apps, we recommend choosing all of our platforms and placements to optimize delivery.

How will you know if your audience has taken your desired action?
The answer to this question will determine how you measure your campaign’s success.

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