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Use this lesson to:

  • Compare a reporting tool to a measurement solution.
  • Explain why Facebook offers both first-party and third-party solutions.

Measurement Solutions vs. Reporting Tools

You’ll likely use both reporting tools and measurement solutions on and off Facebook as you monitor campaign performance and measure your results. You may have heard the terms reporting and measurement used interchangeably, but there are some key differences to remember:


Measurement is proactive. You set your campaign up to align with a set of business goals and key metrics before the campaign begins.

Measurement applies more sophisticated techniques to your data which provides the rigor you need to better understand campaign performance.


Reporting displays the results of a campaign. Results may vary based on the measurement solution you choose.

Reporting gives you the data and metrics to determine if your campaign helped you meet your original business goals.

More about Reporting

Reporting tools on Facebook include the different interfaces that share information about campaign performance or website user demographics. Some examples include reporting in Ads Manager and dashboards in Facebook Analytics.

Measurement solutions on Facebook are used to determine campaign performance, although the results may be displayed in reporting tools. Some examples include A/B tests to split test and check results in Ads Manager and Experiments to create brand lift studies.

Reporting Dashboard – Example #1

Reporting Dashboard – Example #2

Select the Right Solution

When you measure results, it’s important to never act or measure in a silo or think of measurement as something that’s done at a single moment in time. Think about your campaigns holistically from start to finish and objective to outcome. Whenever possible, compare as much as you can across platforms, channels and publishers.

At Facebook, we provide reporting tools and measurement solutions across the Facebook family of apps and services as well as solutions through our network of trusted measurement partners. We offer you the choice and control about who you can work with so that you can successfully measure your campaign performance.

We offer a variety of measurement solutions because:

  • Choice is important. We want you to work with your preferred measurement provider.
  • There are various levels of service, reporting options and other types of customizations based on the option you select.

Our goal is to recommend the best solution for each advertiser’s needs, regardless of whether it’s a first-party or third-party solution.

Measurement Solutions for Brand Lift

Facebook Brand Lift

If you have a limited budget, consider Facebook’s first-party solution for brand lift. Third-party solutions generally require a higher minimum spend.

Nielsen Brand Effect

Working with Nielsen Brand Effect allows you to use any past business relationships with Nielsen.

Millward Brown Brand Lift

Millward Brown Brand Lift allows you to test three or more business objectives.

More on Third Party Solutions

Third-party solutions like Nielsen Brand Effect and Millward Brown Brand Lift offer similar features and benefits when compared to Facebook’s first-party Brand Lift solution. You may opt to use these types of third-party solutions to use past business relationships with these partners or to gain extra flexibility with some customizations.

You can also use third-party solutions like Neustar MarketShare. They may enable features that Facebook’s first-party solutions can’t offer, such as comparability across digital publishers. If you need to work with these types of measurement partners, reach out to your Facebook representative to learn more.

The Marketing API

You may benefit from using the Marketing API if:

  • You’re an advertising management solutions provider, and you sell to advertisers or agencies who manage ads on digital platforms, including Facebook. See our current list of Facebook Marketing Partners.
  • You’re an enterprise agency or consulting firm interested in building a custom solution for clients who manage ads on Facebook.
  • You’re an advertiser managing your own ad spend with significant advertising scale specifically on Facebook. You require a custom solution that uses your own internal data.

Given the resources that are required, it may not make sense for you to build an in-house advertising management solution. If you don’t fit into one of the categories above, we recommend our first-party or third-party solutions introduced above.

Learn more about the Marketing API.

Key Takeaways

  • Reporting tools display the results of a campaign, while measurement solutions apply more sophisticated techniques to your data to help you better understand campaign performance.
  • You can use first-party Facebook solutions, or you can choose to work with selected third-party measurement partners.
  • The Marketing API is available if you or your clients need a custom solution to manage ads on Facebook.

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