Messenger Experience Lifecycle

What You’ll Learn

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify use cases for implementing Messenger conversation experiences.
  • Articulate the 3-step Messenger engagement sequence.

The Currency of Conversations

When you engage someone in conversation, you have the opportunity to influence the decisions they make about their personal and professional lives, or encourage them towards a specific action.

Great conversations are often central to successful marketing campaigns and creative ideas.

The Messenger Consumer Journey

When we analyze how people and businesses talk on Messenger, we see the conversation starts early on in the consumer journey.

People don’t just message businesses for customer support, they also get in touch to learn more about new products, ask questions or even make purchases.

  Click each the part of the consumer journey to learn more.

Think About It

Messenger Experience Lifecycle

Building the Messenger experience is just one part of the framework for engaging with your audience. To ensure you are successfully achieving your objective, we recommend that you integrate these three events into your experience.

LG Laundry Museum

The Korean electronics manufacturer LG recently launched a new washing machine that separates and washes light and dark clothes simultaneously.

To promote the launch worldwide, they created a campaign with Messenger at the core.

The idea was called Laundry Museum, a virtual gallery that brought to life people’s stories of laundry that had been ruined when light and dark clothes were washed together.

1. Campaign

In Mexico, LG ran click-to-Messenger ads to bring people into the Laundry Museum Messenger experience.

Their creative strategy for this ad was to capture the attention of consumers with short videos expressing moments of ruined laundry.

2. Messenger

The campaign came to life with short videos on Facebook and Instagram, which got people into Messenger to share their own stories.

When they did, they had a chance to win a free washer and have their story shared as part of the campaign.

3. Reengagement

They then created a sponsored message campaign for people who had engaged with the Tell Your Story experience that brought people to LG’s sales page.

Think About It

Let’s look at the strategy that Lego took to engage their audience on Messenger. The goal of this experience was to help adults pick the ideal gift for their children.

Review each stage in the strategy below and place it in the order it was delivered to customers.

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