Member-to-member connections

Use this lesson to:

  • Increase engagement and foster member-to-member connections to keep the conversation flowing in your community.


Fostering meaningful conversations and connections among your community members can lead to a strong sense of belonging. Experienced community managers encourage participation from everyone, recognize members on an individual level and enable meaningful connections among peers.

In this lesson, we will review a series of strategies to help you boost community engagement by strengthening members’ connections with each other and creating opportunities for participation.

Tactics to encourage meaningful connections.

Here are some great ways for community managers to promote participation among community members:

Acknowledge contributing members.

Recognize and reward people who exemplify your community culture and values. You can encourage members to give shout-outs to other helpful members, identify your most active members in Group Insights and use top fan badges in Pages to identify the most active members in your community. There are several ways you can acknowledge your top contributors: You can post picture collages of them with a thank-you message, interview them and share it with the community or pre-approve their posts in your Facebook group.

Encourage member-to-member communication.

As you get to know your community members, think about ways to connect them, such as asking them to share the region or city where they live or similar interests they may have. Tag members and invite them to start a conversation. Motivating members to get to know one another on a deeper level can help your community form stronger bonds.

Coordinate events.

Meetings can increase a sense of community and belonging. Consider hosting events or get-togethers to gather with your community offline.

Host special online meetups.

Online events are a great way to connect with your community both locally and globally. Host a live video with your group or Page to kick off a virtual gathering. You can also encourage conversations and plan events using Messenger Rooms.

Curate member-generated content.

Your members are a great resource for content. Encourage them to share their favorite stories, images, memes and opinions to start discussions. This can also help lighten your workload when creating content for the community. In Groups, you can pre-approve members to post, or you can use the post-approval function to curate individual member contributions.

Ask for feedback and questions.

Use polls and open-ended questions to make it easy for your members to participate. Polls are great for members who are reluctant to post, while open-ended questions enable you to engage with people who are eager to share their thoughts. You can create polls in Facebook and Instagram communities.

Be aware of the differences in your audience.

Some members will be very active and comment on everything, while others will prefer to engage with content but not start or participate in conversations. Acknowledge both active members and members who don’t often engage publicly, and invite them to participate in the ways that make them feel comfortable.

Lead by example.

Reply and engage in meaningful conversation on your members’ posts, demonstrating the kind of tone that you want others to use. As you set the standard on community participation, other members will follow.

*As with most engagement tactics, try new strategies one at a time, and assess which ones work best for your unique community.

Stay up to date with the latest community management resources  in the Facebook Newsroom and on the Community Leaders website. Learn about new tools and trends that you can use  to manage your community.

Let’s test your knowledge

 Key takeaways:

  • Build a welcoming community by fostering member connections. Thriving communities encourage member-to-member conversations for people to make meaningful bonds on and offline.

  • Recognize the members who contribute to the community and exemplify your ideal participatory culture.

  • Encourage member participation through tactics such as sharing member-created content, asking open-ended questions and collecting feedback through polls.

  • Stay up to date with the latest tools and products to foster engagement and member connections.


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