Measuring Brand Outcomes

Use this lesson to:

  • Understand the importance of People and Reach when viewing insights

Facebook ads reporting

For measuring Brand Outcomes, you should focus on two metrics: Estimated Ad Recall Lift (people) — known as “EARL” — and also Reach.

Ad recall is measured when people exposed to an ad are later asked if they remember the ad; lift refers to the estimated difference in ad recall between people who saw the ad and those who didn’t.

EARL is the best prediction and estimate that we can currently make about how many people are likely to remember seeing an ad if they were asked within two days of seeing it. Use this to compare the effectiveness of different creatives or target audiences. You can measure EARL if you create a campaign using the Brand Awareness, Page post engagement and Video Views objectives.

How it works

We calculate EARL by looking at:

  • Signals about how your audience is interacting with your ads
  • Reach of your ads
  • Calibration based on real polling responses form similar campaigns

We calculate Reach by looking at:

  • The number of people who saw your ad at least once

Constantly calibrate these predictions by running thousands of real polls on a random sample of campaigns each day.

Please note that this metric is based on estimates. There are other factors such as creative quality and targeting that vary between campaigns.
  • Relative attention, Reach and Historical ad recall lift
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  • Extrapolate
  • Estimated Ad Recall Lift (People)

Regional availability

Get started

1. Go to Ads Manager and create a Brand Awareness campaign.

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2. After your campaign starts running, you’ll be able to see EARL in ads reporting in Ads Manager, or via the Ads Insights API. In Ads Manager, click on Column: Performance and select Customize Columns from the drop-down menu.

3. On the left-hand side, select the Engagement. Next, check the box next to Estimated Ad Recall Lift (people) to add it to your selected columns. Re-arrange the columns if this will make it more convenient for your reports, and click Apply when you’re ready to return to Ads Manager.

4. You’ll now see the EARL metric appear in your ads manager reporting.

Facebook Brand Lift

‘Lift’ refers to results that wouldn’t have happened without your ads. The more lift your ads are causing, the more effective they are. This method of measurement helps you understand the true value of your ads. It also ensures the results you get are accurate and meaningful – including when they don’t reflect positively on the money you spend with Facebook. We want you to be able to use the answers you get to make improvements to your advertising strategy that grow your business.

With a brand test, we’ll measure the brand lift of your campaign by asking your target audience a specific question. When setting up the test, you can choose up to 3 different questions to ask; however, the user will only be shown one of them at a given time. You’ll need to have an ad recall question, and other poll options can test familiarity, favorability and brand awareness, along with likelihood to take action or recommend your brand.

Facebook Brand Lift helps you accurately measure the impact of your advertising on consumer attitudes towards your brand.

You can use Brand Lift to:

  • Understand how well your campaign resonates with your audience.
  • See how your campaign performs against the norms for campaigns in your industry and your region.
  • See the demographic breakdowns (age, gender, TV viewership groups and video view durations) that drive the highest lift.

How it works
The solution administers polls to people on Facebook and Instagram in way. Polls are served in the platform where the user saw the ad.

Before your campaign launches, we’ll randomize your target audience into exposed and control groups with similar characteristics. Between 4 and 48 hours after they see your ad, people in the exposed group will receive a poll pertaining to ad recall or other strategic brand objectives pertinent to your business, such as message association or purchase intent. By comparing aggregated poll results from people who saw your ads (exposed group) with people who didn’t see your ads (control group), you can measure the success of your campaign.

Randomize groups

Test (able to see ads) or Control (NOT able to see ads)

Deliver ads

Facebook ads and No Facebook ads

Deliver polls

Analyze lift

Brand lift tests: Managed vs Experiments

There are two types of tests you can run in regards to brand lift:

Knowledge Check



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