Key Attributes of Conversations

What You’ll Learn

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the creative best practices of engaging Messenger experiences.
  • Choose appropriate Messenger experience examples to share with your client.

Key Attributes of Conversations

Successful Messenger campaigns are all about memorable conversations.

We’ve identified three key attributes of these campaigns. Consider each attribute below and review the examples from successful Messenger experience campaigns.

1. Distinctive

When you create an authentic voice for your business, people are more likely to engage with you.

This can be achieved with a personable character or a good narrative

Tone of Voice

Here are some things to consider:

• How will your voice translate to Messenger?

• Is a more conversational approach preferable?

• Should a helpful assistant lead people through your experience?

Life insurance provider Haven Life takes a conversational approach to Messenger to make the process of applying for an insurance quote about as fun as it can be.


Consider using a character as the personality for your experience.

That could mean bringing a spokesperson to life, partnering with a celebrity or giving your bot its own personality.

In this example, Progressive Insurance brought their iconic spokesperson Flo to life in Messenger.


Another approach is to tell a story through Messenger.

You can release exclusive content to your subscribers through Messenger or even deliver an original narrative.

In this example, American author James Patterson developed a new interactive story entirely for Messenger.

2. Expressive

Your idea is more likely to resonate with people if you show it rather than just tell it.

With multimedia, you can create a one-of-a-kind experience that will really engage people.

Guided Conversations

We recommend taking a guided approach to conversations over natural language automation. This approach keeps the conversation in line with your objective and generally makes for a clearer, more engaging experience.

You can use quick replies, carousels and lists to guide the conversation.

In this example, Telekom (T-Mobile in Germany) shows how guided conversations can be clear, engaging and branded.

Photos and Videos

Think of photos and videos as tools to help you communicate more effectively and creatively.

Not only can they help you brand your conversation and keep it engaging, they can add a new dimension. For instance, you can use them to share instructional and exclusive content or to bring people behind the scenes of your business.

In this example from the Vancouver Art Gallery, photos and videos in Messenger bring art installations to life.

Digital Souvenirs

You can also use Messenger to generate digital souvenirs, like personalized photos, videos, prizes or gift cards.

In this example, National Geographic TV personalized people’s selfies, which they could then share via Messenger and Facebook.

3. Magical

With Messenger, almost anything is possible. The magic happens with the Messenger API that connects people to your server or your developer’s server.

You can use the processing power of your server to interpret, connect, activate and unlock ideas.

Interpretive Response

You can use your server to remix or personalize photo or video content, or to provide personalized product or style recommendations.

For example, Icon8 created a filter to engage with their audience.

Remote Control

You can also use Messenger as a remote control.

For instance, people can send requests or instructions that lead to real-world actions. They might send a gift to a friend, control a robotic device or contribute to an art installation.


Through the API and your server, Messenger can act as a virtual switchboard, connecting the people who message you to brand advocates, sales representatives or even other customers.

Think About It

Your client, Garden Retail, is looking to gain consideration with millennial gardeners who are interested in learning new gardening techniques.

You believe a Messenger experience can greatly engage this audience, so you want to show your client examples related to their needs.

Which examples might resonate with your client based on their business need?

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