Introduction to Facebook and Partner Measurement Solutions

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  • Identify how Facebook measurement solutions can help deliver accurate insights across placements and devices.

Measure and grow your business

At Facebook, we believe a key path to marketing success and powering real business growth is through measuring what matters. But that goes far beyond traditional post-campaign measurement. It means testing what works, focusing on the outcomes that matter to your business and using the insights you’ve learned to inform future strategies. We believe measuring what matters is a powerful approach to growing your business.

Core business outcomes

Facebook focuses on measuring the three core business outcome areas that matter to marketers:

Click the flip cards below to find out which questions can be answered through these outcomes.

Accelerating audiences and measurement

With people-based tools, Facebook can help marketers see results clearly so they can measure and grow their businesses.

Marketing is about creating meaningful connections between people and businesses, but it’s not easy to get a clear picture of how online advertising impacts real business outcomes.

The devices, channels, and platforms that advertisers are using to reach their target audiences are growing at an unprecedented rate — and mobile is accelerating this change. Not long ago, 50 million consumers was considered a significant audience to reach. This is no longer a remarkable number.

It took:

75 years

For telephones to reach 50 million users1

38 years

For radio to reach 50 million users1

13 years

For TV to reach 50 million users1

By 2020, it’s estimated that…

3 billion people will gain access to mobile2

The shift to mobile is as profound as the shift from radio to TV, but has happened much quicker. The adoption of mobile devices has also accelerated the emergence of new forms of media, including apps and social media. This has made it easier for people to consume content wherever they are, typically interacting with more than one communication method at a time. This has also made it more challenging to figure out just how an ad campaign is performing.

Think about your daily life; chances are, you or someone you know will watch television and use their mobile device during slow moments and commercial breaks. This is what we call cross-channel behavior. 

Proxy metrics lead to missed results

A proxy metric is an indirect measure that approximates or represents something when you don’t have direct, concrete data.

Measurement solutions that rely solely on proxy metrics like clicks make campaign performance hard to understand and improve. This means that more than ever, marketers have less visibility in to how the money they are spending on their marketing campaigns brings value to their business.

With the emergence of cross-channel behavior, there’s currently no common measurement standard that can be applied across entire media plans.

20th century strategies can’t keep up


to help understand if ad dollars are leading to incremental shifts in conversion or awareness

The pace of change caused a fundamental break in the marketing strategies and measurement tools that were in place for years, like GRP ratings for TV, or click through-rates for digital ads.

This break made it challenging to see what’s working and what’s not across an entire media plan—and to understand if ad dollars are actually leading to incremental shifts in conversion or awareness. It also forced marketers to re-evaluate the formats, bid types, channels, creatives and metrics they’d previously relied on.

Negative impact

How can reliance on these proxy metrics impact your results? The answer used to be simply “browser cookies.”

Cookies are small bits of data sent by sites that you visit and are stored inside of your web browser. They were built for measuring actions on a user’s desktop — so, they don’t deliver accurate results for the behavior of that user across multiple devices, or even different browsers on the same computer, for that matter.

Did you know:

How Facebook can help

Our solutions provide clarity to help you see if their ads are driving value across their entire media spend, both on and off Facebook properties.

On Facebook

Facebook’s solutions measure the performance of ads served on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Audience Network.

On and Off Facebook

With our measurement partners, we also provide solutions that help marketers measure business outcomes both on and off Facebook. We do this:

  • Across devices (mobile and desktop)
  • Across formats (image, video, display, television and more)
  • Across publishers (in addition to Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network).

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