How to use Audience Insights

Use this lesson to:

  • Be able to read and use the insights within the tool

Get started with Audience Insights

Before you can use the information from Audience Insights, there are a few things you need to do.

First, access Audience Insights from Ads Manager or directly from

Select an audience type

A pop-up window will appear and you can select an audience you want to analyze. It may be the Facebook population or people connected to your Pages.

Create an audience

Use the filters on the left to define your audience.

Note: There are 60+ categories/interests on the left that you can choose from. In many cases, clicking on sub-segments of the graphs on each tab will further define your audience.

Name your audience

A pop-up window will appear for you to give your audience a name and then click Save.

Analyze your audience

You’ll see your audience represented in blue whereas the comparison audience (the Facebook population in your country) in gray. For age and gender, the percentages reflect the actual percentages for that audience. For most other traits, two percentages are available: the actual percentage for that audience and the comparison against the Facebook index.

Hover over an audience trait to see additional details (when they ‘re available). Click on an audience trait to further refine your results.

Note: Audience Insights displays information from people 18+ only.

Manage your audiences

The top navigation panel allows you to begin building an audience, open an audience you’ve saved, or save an audience you’ve constructed.

Selecting More will allow you make tweaks to an audience and then save it under a new name.

Audiences you save in Audience Insights will be available to use in Ads Manager under the Use a Saved Audience option.

Create an ad

Ultimately, Audience Insights can help you create an ad to bring more people to your Page.

Once you’ve defined an audience, you can click Create Ad at any time.

Course reflection 

Key takeaways

  • Audience Insights helps you to analyze and manage your audience.
  • With the insight available, you can create an ad that’s relevant to your audience and addresses their interest.

Keep learning

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