How to run facebook ads without using BM

In this article, I will introduce you to Loogle’s solution, helping you to run facebook ads without worrying about being locked out of your account.
Besides, I have shared about Facebook ads and what you should know to avoid being locked out, I suggest some solutions to “if unfortunately” you are blocked by Facebook.
Or, when your ad account is locked, you don’t know how to appeal properly and increase your account’s “return” rate, you can contact Loogle.

With its current role as a Technology provider with facebook, Loogle can help you.

Facebook technology provider
Facebook technology provider

About Loogle.

We are certified experts by facebook, google and criteo.
Our core business is helping customers measure and analyze business performance through the Google analytics enhanced e-commerces platform.
In addition, we have also spent a lot of experience in building and implementing E-commerce for businesses in different industries to help customers plan advertising strategies, increase conversion rates.

How to run facebook ads without being locked.

Here Loogle creates a standalone advertising platform.
Use AI of facebook and google to learn and deliver ads. Through API connection
This means that you will not use Facebook or Google advertising accounts anymore, meaning that you will not be affected by their policies.
Instead, you’ll use a Loogle advertising account to create and run campaigns directly.

How the Loogle system works.

The information processing process is generally quite complex:
Website will push data (images, products, prices, …) for Loogle then Loogle will push the website’s data to facebook and google.
After having the data on facebook users and google will return this encrypted data to Loogle.
* The data is encrypted ie only available for one advertising account.
Loogle will collect and process user data and then share this data with google and facebook.
The difference:
  • You will not need to use 2 advertising accounts with 2 different AIs to learn about user behavior -> optimize advertising costs
  • Match rate on both PC and phone devices -> cost optimization.
  • Don’t worry about account lockout issues.
  • The system operates completely automatically -> saves time.
Multi-channel dynamic ads
Multi-channel dynamic ads

What do you need to use Loogle’s platform to run facebook ads?

The first thing you need to have is the website.
Loogle cannot interfere with Facebook’s systems to get data about your product.
A product feed is required and it must be a website.
If you do not have a website, please contact Loogle for support.
Second, you need to install google analytics enhanced e-commerces.
If you have questions about why you need to use google analytics enhanced instead of standard, I will make a comparison of the differences between these two versions.
Your traffic from many channels will flow to the website, including facebook. So website optimization is a necessary activity to improve conversion rates.
Just make sure 2 things above you can run facebook ads without worrying about being locked.

Ad display positions.

Google ads will show on a variety of platforms, including:
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Youtube
  • ….

For facebook advertising.

The current ad formats that facebook supports include:
  • Conversion form (carousel)
  • Native ads
  • Stories
  • Instagram


Facebook story


Native ads

For google advertising.

The current ad formats that google is supporting include:
Google shopping
Google display network (Newspaper sites, native ads, mobile app, youtube, ….)

Google shopping


Some frequently asked questions.

Can I just run facebook ads?

The answer is “no”.
For internet users in Vietnam, two platforms that users will use when they have a need to search or buy a certain product 99.99% will be through facebook and google.
That means in the user’s Journey, the more you appear, the higher the conversion rate will be.
Loogle is an independent advertising channel and helps you increase your revenue and conversion rates from multiple channels, not just running facebook.

Why should I make a website?

The benefits that the website brings:
  • It is a channel to introduce products, communicate to customers, and increase revenue.
  • Take advantage of different traffic sources, you can reuse the user’s cookies on the website to run ads.
  • You are the owner and the user data on the website is your property (Unlike you have a fanpage or a shop on tiki, shopee or lazada because it is their property not yours – if they replace change the rules you must accept or lose)
  • You can customize the website as you like (because website is your playground)
  • Make your business more trustworthy and professional
  • Vending automatically 24/7


This is the first solution that will help you keep running facebook ads without worrying about being locked, the second is to help you increase revenue as well as conversion rate.
You can find out more about this solution through the Loogle website. If you feel like this, please REGISTER to receive expert advice.
Wish you early success!

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