Goal-Driven Activities

Use this lesson to:

  • Implement goal-driven content that supports your community strategy.


Creating engaging content for your community is at the core of a community manager’s tasks. But traditional text-based media may not be enough to accomplish your strategic goals, such as improving your reach and engagement, or kicking off conversation. Facebook apps and services provide product-specific tools to help you enhance your content engagement and support your overall community strategy.

As a community manager, you can create different types of posts using Facebook products and services to engage your audience and mobilize your community in different ways. In the next lesson, we will review examples of the tools you can use to reach your goals.

Products and features

Certain types of posts can help you achieve your particular community strategic goals. Community managers should be familiar with the tools available and how each one can engage and mobilize their audience.

Here are some product-specific tools that you can use to  enhance your content and reach your overall community strategy goals:

  • Tools for highlighting content in the long- and short-term.
    • Announcements and pinned posts
    • Stories
  • Tools for helping your community get together on and offline.
    • Events and get-together
    • Live
  • Tools to get to know your community’s opinions.
    • Polls
  • Tools to support community learning.
    • Guides
  • Tools to mobilize your community to take action.
    • Fundraise
    • Ads

Announcements and pinned posts

Group announcements are posts that appear at the top of your group and in the announcements section. Similarly, you can pin a post to the top of your Facebook Page. While you can only pin one post at a time, you can feature multiple announcements.

Use announcements or pinned posts to share important information with your community, such as your guidelines or news that you want members to see clearly at the top of your community feed. These tools can help you pursue goals of reach and engagement, since the content will have a prominent place on your page.


Stories are collections of images or short videos that you can create from your Facebook Page or Instagram account. You can add overlays, stickers and effects to your stories, and they are visible to your community for 24 hours.

Get creative with stories to achieve broader reach and engagement. For example, create a narrative with a collection of short clips or survey your audience using poll stickers.

  1. Go to your Page profile picture.
  2. Create a story.
  3. Allow access to your photos and videos.
  4. Start creating your Story.

Events and Get-together

You can host in-person and online meetups using the Events tool on your  Facebook Page or in your group.

In your group, you can create get-togethers, which enable you to set a date, time and location for a meeting. You can also choose to “decide later” if you don’t have those details worked out yet.

With events and get-togethers, your community members can make more robust connections by meeting in person or online. These relationships can contribute to an increased sense of community and belonging.

  1. Create a post.
  2. If you want to create an event, select Event.
  3. If you want to create a get-together, select Get Together.
  1. Complete your event details.
  2. Create your event.


Complete your get-together details.


You can use Facebook Live to broadcast events, performances and gatherings in real time. Your community can watch from a smartphone, computer or connected TV. Start a live video on Instagram, or on Facebook from a Page or a Group.

  1. Create a post.
  2. Select Go Live if you want to start a Live broadcast.
  3. When you are ready, Go Live.


Create a poll on Facebook or Instagram to ask a question. Customize the answers and let your community members vote for their favorite option.

Polls can help you engage your community and start conversations around topics that are of interest to them. For instance, you can ask your community for feedback, or ask what types of content they would like to see more of in the future.

  1. Create a post.
  2. Select Poll.
  3. Add your question and options.
  4. Add the created poll to your post.


Guides enable group admins to organize content and share educational resources with their community. You can use Guides to create a series of sequential or themed Facebook posts (for example, a member training guide or learning path) and track who has completed it.

  1. Click on Units
  2. Create Units and give them a title and description.
  3. See your members’ responses.


Facebook ads can help you reach new people on Facebook or Instagram who may be interested in your community. Use ads to increase overall awareness, expand your reach and get more people to engage with your content.

Ads can enable your community to reach more people, create awareness and grow your member base.

  1. In your Page, go to Ads.
  2. Select the goal for your ad.
  3. Manage your ad campaigns.
  4. View your ad results.


Use fundraising tools on Facebook and Instagram to donate and raise money for both nonprofits and personal causes. You can create fundraisers as a community to support your overall cause or mission.

  1. Go to your Page profile picture.
  2. Create a story.
  3. Select the Donate sticker.
  4. Add the sticker to your story.
  5. Share your story.

Note: Some of these tools are not yet available worldwide.

Think of creative ways that you could use these tools to pursue your community goals. You can also create campaigns that achieve your goals through a mix of tools. For example, if you want to grow your community, you can use stories and ads, and plan an in-person event to invite new people to join your community. If you want to assess your community guidelines, post them in an announcement, use a poll to survey your community and host a live event to chat with your audience about your mission and how your values should be reflected in the community rules.

Let’s test your knowledge

Key takeaways:

  • Facebook apps and services include many tools that can help you create content and activities that support your community goals.
  • Community managers should determine which tools can best enable them to engage and mobilize their community.


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