Facebook Business Manager Introduction

The Business Manager tool allows agencies and advertisers to centrally manage different permission levels for team members working on ad accounts or Pages.

Business Manager is a tool for everyone

Small to large businesses use Business Manager to keep organized by having all of their business assets and information in one place. When you have a central business hub like Business Manager, your business maintains control of your Facebook assets and securely manages user access to the right people and right credit lines.

Who should use a Business Manager

Partners and agencies

Partners, like vendors and agencies, generally should not create a Business Manager account to hold all of their client Pages and ad accounts, because this can make it very difficult for a client to regain access to their Pages and ad accounts if they switch agencies.

You can request access to the Pages or ad accounts you want to work on. Page roles are covered in the Business Manager Roles module of this course.

We recommend that your clients each create their own Business Managers and then invite people at your agency to work on specific Pages or accounts.

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