Facebook ads and things you should know to avoid being locked out of your advertising account

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Targeting Audiences
Targeting Audiences
Ads Policies
Ads Policies

The reason for the blocked facebook page / account.

Violating advertising policies, community standards or other policies of facebook.

When you have the right to choose between learning how to run facebook effectively and learning how to run facebook safely, many of you will probably choose to learn how to run effectively first and wait until Facebook locks your account before learning how to run. safety later.
Or use tools and tricks to bypass Facebook’s system. Believe me, that is unsustainable and impossible.
Facebook’s advertising policy or community standards are no longer unfamiliar to us or especially advertisers.
For those who are lazy to read, I would like to summarize some main points that make your ad account or page locked or restricted.

Content is prohibited on facebook ads.

  1. Violating facebook community standards (You can click Here to view details)
  2. Illegal product or service: Regulated under the laws of each country.
  3. Discriminatory acts are based on: race, ethnicity, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, …
  4. Tobacco and tobacco related products
  5. Additive substances & addictive substance related products
  6. Food supplements are not safe
  7. Weapons, ammunition & explosives
  8. Adult product or service
  9. Content 18+
  10. Copyright infringement
  11. Sensational content, excessive excitement
  12. Personal affirmative or implied (this is like # 3)
  13. Wrong information
  14. Controversial content (Social and political issues)
  15. Landing page not working
  16. Fraud and deception
  17. Profanity and obscene language
  18. Function does not exist on advertising images or simulating Facebook features
  19. Personal health (Including “before and after” images, describing undesirable or difficult outcomes)
  20. Hot loan service.
  21. Multi-level model (Promote a profitable, fast business model)
  22. Coin auction
  23. An affirmative or misleading statement
  24. Low quality or annoying content
  25. Spyware or malware
  26. Animation activities.
  27. Sale of body parts
  28. Vaccines are not recommended

The content is restricted on facebook.

  1. Advertising or promotion of alcoholic products must comply with local laws, and must include age targeting.
  2. Online dating services are subject to a written license (online dating service registration form)
  3. Playing games and gambling online also requires a written license (Register Here)
  4. Online pharmacies, not to promote prescription drug products
  5. Insurance products and financial services: Must target 18+ subjects and not have the right to ask individuals to enter financial information.
  6. Issues related to politics
  7. Virtual money products and services
  8. Cosmetic procedures and weight loss products must target the 18+ target group
By complying with facebook’s advertising policies and community standards you can avoid up to 80% of the possibility of your advertising account being restricted. The remaining 20% ​​depends on other factors and the system.

Other policies

Personal account.

  • Used to be an administrator for a page with a history of running bad ads (running, fake, fake, …).
  • As a newbie account but up many campaigns at the same time. (low trust level will easily be banned by facebook ban).
  • Account not confirmed identity.

Violation of payment terms.

  • You may sometimes encounter a situation where your Visa / Mastercard leaves the bank locked, because many people may use this card number to run out or violate the policy.
  • Many Vietnamese people use Paypal as a trick to burst Facebook advertising money, so for Vietnamese IPs, when adding this payment method, it will be locked by default. (Previous key calculated after)
  • Payment threshold / date is reached, but the balance in the card is insufficient.

Run under UID (User ID).

  • Run ads from many different files you buy online, if these people have previously reported ads, your account will be warrning.

Run ways.

  • Unusual budget increases and decreases: The ad is powered by fb’s AI, so when you adjust something on the ad, the AI ​​must learn from the beginning.
  • Turn on / off continuous ad campaign: If you want to change you can duplicate ads and turn off the old one.

Clean run is still locked.

  • Your account is long-term, has spent money on your limit, complies with the policy but is still locked. For accounts with Vietnamese IP, the facebook side will “lock by mistake than omit”

Visa account problem.

  • Your visa card linked to too many advertising accounts (Especially rights sharing with “dirty” advertising accounts)
  • The long-term visa card is not used
  • The visa card once had a history associated with an account that was locked for any reason


Always prepare backup advertising accounts.

The backup advertising account here does not mean a fake account, it means that you are still working as a normal account. Having identity verification, interacting, making friends, … everything must be as transparent as the primary account

Do not add Paypal payment method.

As above, I have explained why you should not add this payment method to your advertising account.

Buy or rent advertising accounts to run.

The market for buying / renting advertising accounts on the internet is very complicated, so it is recommended to do your homework before buying / renting to avoid scams.
Loogle is currently a technology provider (technology solution provider) with facebook. The proving party does not currently provide an advertising account, but can assist with your appeal.
Technology provider
Technology provider

Use 3rd party to run facebook ads to avoid restrictions.

Loogle has created an advertising platform that uses the AI ​​of facebook and google by connecting the API.
Benefits of using Loogle omnichannel ads:
  • Your account will not be locked (because now you will not use facebook’s tkqc to create advertising campaigns anymore)
  • Advertising on multiple channels, creating maximum brand coverage, increasing conversion rates
  • Ads are generated automatically by your product feed
You can visit the Loogle website to learn more or register for specific advice.

Allocate your advertising budget across multiple channels.

The fact that you are too reliant on facebook or an advertising platform in general will make you suffer when your advertising account is disabled.
Your budget allocation to many other advertising channels may not meet the expectations of revenue you expect. However, it will help keep you running and at least you will stay well over a period of time.


There are many people texting Loogle’s fanpage to ask: “Why is my ad account running clean but still locked” or “My account running clean, I appealed but still cannot open”.
Many of you are thinking that you are just running clean, you should carefully refer to the policies and terms of facebook, but if you know that you are violating, do not appeal as a measure of luck.
Besides, take the time to learn carefully about the policies and terms of facebook, I believe your advertising account will not have any problems.
Loogle wishes you to find a direction soon.

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