Effective facebook fanpage SEO increases natural search volume

SEO is a fairly familiar phrase to advertisers, but when it comes to SEO, people will automatically think of it immediately, but in this article I will not mention google, but will guide you SEO facebook effectively
For internet users in Vietnam, there are 2 platforms that 99.99% of users will use: facebook and google. If we talk about search engines, it will definitely be google first and in the future this social networking platform of 61 million users in Vietnam will also develop no less next to google.
In the current sensitive situation of facebook ads, if you know how to take advantage of free traffic sources from facebook SEO effectively, you will reach the right audience without having to spend advertising costs.
You can learn more about facebook ads and what you should know to avoid being locked out of your advertising account

To optimize SEO fanpage effectively, it is necessary to optimize fanpage information.

This is a basic problem and can be done by anyone.

Create fanpage.

In case you do not know how to create a fanpage, I have instructions on how to create a specific fanpage here
Facebook fanpage names you should set according to the structure: Main keyword + Your brand name + an adjective eg: Jeans + Gshop + cheap
You can create many pages, each page is a niche that should not have generic keywords like clothes, shoes, …
Username: you can set the same as the fapage name above and must contain keywords.
URL contains keywords
URL contains keywords

Additional information for fanpage

Write some more descriptive information about your business and products, it’s best to include some of your keywords.
Other items like:

  • phone number
  • Email
  • Website (If you do not have one, you can contact Loogle for advice on making a website)
  • Address (location)
  • Working time
  • Some other policies: Ownership rights, copyrights, product information, additional site information
  • Price range of the product
Additional information about the page
Additional information about the page

Build content.

Like when you do SEO with google, the SEO fanpage is similar. Content will be the deciding factor for your competitive advantage over other competitors.
The more quality your content, the higher your odds of getting to the top.

Content that shares value

Account for 70% of the number of posts on your fanpage.
When you become the expert in the eyes of the client, your words become the truth.
Depending on the field that you are doing business in conjunction with the target group that you are aiming to use content accordingly to increase efficiency.
Content Share value
Content Share value

Sales content.

Accounting for about 20% of the number of posts, after having a certain fan base, these are the content that generates revenue for you.
You can present product features, attractive promotions or special policies that only you can have.
Sales content
Sales content

Viral content interactive sentence.

Account for about 10% of the number of posts. Helps you get organic traffic.
  • Trend-oriented photo / video formats
  • Humorous photo / video formats
Content viral
Content viral
Above are the 3 content you need to plan to develop your own SEO fanpage optimization.
Along with that frequency of posting is also an important factor
Help facebook understand how your fanpage is updated, new content to users will be displayed priority.
Parties should incorporate a variety of post formats to increase post richness:
  • Picture
  • Video
  • Document
  • Share links
  • livestream

Other factors optimizing fanpage SEO.

Several other factors help you optimize your post’s searchability.
Make use of hastags in posts.
Understand roughly as keywords of the post.
Facebook allows you to use up to 30 hastags. If your hastag matches the customer’s query, your impression rate will be very high
You just need to add a # in front of each keyword to turn it into a hastag


The images on your posts should be selfies or self-designed, and remember to rename the image file to a name containing keywords.

Check in.

You can increase the number of check-ins by:
  • You can do more promotions after shopping at the store, check in with friends to get an additional 5% off (If you have an offline store).
  • Check in for yourself on each post.
  • Create more satellite fanpages, post each day and check the main fanpage 1 time.
  • Rating on fanpage.

Rating on fanpage.

Also an equally important factor to check in to optimize fanpage SEO.
The most important thing is still the natural votes of the customer.
  • Give more gifts or discounts when customers rate 5 stars.
  • 3rd party services (you should consider carefully and choose reputable place to avoid being scammed)


So you have an overview of how to standard SEO fanpage
Now you just focus on developing content for users and one important factor is persistence
Good luck!

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