Create Stories

Use this lesson to:

  • Understand how people use Stories.
  • Identify how Stories can help you build your brand.
  • Create a Story for your business.

Engage your audience with Stories

As an advertiser, your ongoing challenge is to create meaningful engagement with your audience. Whatever your product, service or business goal, it’s crucial to communicate with people in a form that’s relevant to them.

In order to build your brand, increase your audience, and engage with current or potential customers, you need to speak in the same language as the people you’re trying to reach. In the world of mobile, that language increasingly is Stories.

The growth of Stories

So, what’s so special about Stories? Why are they growing so quickly?

Stories offer people fun, creative ways to express themselves and connect with what matters to them. People can stitch together video, photo and text overlays to communicate moments with their friends, family and followers.

They’re quick, playful, full screen, attention-grabbing and in real time. The ephemeral aspect means there’s less pressure to be perfect, which drives authenticity. In addition, people can retain and recall information faster on mobile than on desktop and since Stories are optimized for fullscreen, vertical viewing, they allow people to watch multiple videos and photos quickly and fully engaged.

Hướng dẫn tạo tin (stories) cho doanh nghiệp của bạn

Benefits of Stories for businesses

Stories capture people’s imaginations. But these 24-hour mini-narratives can also strengthen people’s relationships with brands and help drive sales. In fact, more than 1 in 2 people surveyed across 12 countrieswho use Stories said they are making more online purchases as a result.

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