Create fanpage and develop content for facebook fanpage

Why do you have to create fanpage:
It’s the place for you to connect users with your business
You can build images, introduce products and services that you provide
Is an effective sales channel.
I will guide you on how to create and administer an effective fanpage.

Instructions for creating fanpage.

At the user interface of facebook click on: Page> Create new page
Create page
Create page


A window will appear with 3 information including: Page name, category and description

Ấn vào tạo trang mới

Thiết lập trang

Site name

Depending on the purpose of use you will proceed to name the fanpage accordingly. You just need to name the fanpage so that it is short and easy to understand with the brand keyword (Brandname).
It is best not to use keywords such as cheap watches, cheap fashion, … to name the fanpage because it will be difficult to brand and confuse with users in the future. sword.


As the field that you are doing business, helping your business to be more search engine friendly, you can set up to 3 categories for your fanpage (best for facebook for as much as you can use it up. that much)


A short introduction about your business so users can see exactly what you are offering them.
After you have completed the 3 items above, click on the Create Page button
After creating the page, you set up more avatars and cover photos.

Ấn vào tạo trang

Standard size of fanpage avatar:
Minimum: 168px x 168px
Maximum: 2048px x 2048px
Aspect ratio: 1: 1
Note: When you upload the picture is a square photo but facebook will cut it in a circle frame. So please pay attention to the edges to avoid losing the aesthetics
Standard size of cover photo for fanpage:
Minimum: Width 820px x height 312px
Maximum: Width 1958px x height 745px
Aspect ratio: 2.63: 1
Next, create a username for your fanpage so that people can find your page more easily:

Tạo người dùng fanpage

* Note: You need to go through some principles of creating a facebook username.
The results after creating the username:
You can create a fanpage username similar to your websiste domain name as a way to remind customers every time they need it.
If you do not have a website, please contact Loogle or visit E-commerce Ready for advice
Add some details in the settings to complete the page.

Bổ sung thông tin trang

After setting up some details, your fan page will look a lot more trustworthy.

Giới thiệu page

After creating fanpage – content development is the next factor.

Content types

Fan pages are set up for the majority of the purpose is to sell. However, in order to have a fanpage with a good amount of interaction, you need to alternate articles with value sharing and sales articles. And always keep the proportion of posts that share more value than sales articles.
Value-sharing articles: The content of the article focuses on sharing knowledge, creating value and trust for the readers, this type of post will not mention anything about the product or call to purchase. of this post is to attract user interaction.
Sales Articles: Focusing on current needs of customers, offering solutions or solutions for customers, if in the eyes of customers you are experts in a certain field, customers will believe what you say.

Types of formats.

You should post a variety of forms, avoid using only one format to post, if you do that, users will be bored with the content and the interaction situation will not get better.
You should use all content formats that Facebook allows you to use.
Share Link
Live Stream
Each fanpage, you should post at least 1 article / day and always keep articles with knowledge sharing content about 80% and 20% for sales articles.
Follow forms increase after creating fanpage.
In addition to the organic form of increasing followers by posting daily. You can look to other forms to increase followers for fanpage

Facebook advertisement.

This is a good solution that can help you increase followers and reach more people. However, right now is a sensitive time, you should carefully understand the policy of facebook and what you need to know to avoid being locked out of your advertising account.

Facebook ads tăng nhận thức thương hiệu

Invite friends to like & share the page.

Create mini games or viral content for users to share more fan pages.


To build a fanpage with hundreds of thousands of likes & followers requires a lot of time and effort.
You need to outline for yourself a clear content development strategy, research carefully about the customer file to develop content that is suitable for the audience you are targeting.
And in the end, most importantly, you must be persistent
Loogle wishes you success soon!

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