Core Audiences

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  • Understand the elements of Core Audiences
  • Differentiate between Core, Custom and Lookalike Audiences

Facebook advertising offers tools to reach broad or specific audiences across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or through mobile apps with Audience Network.

The persistent logins used across the Facebook family of apps and services can better help identify and retarget people across multiple and shared devices than browser-based cookies alone.

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We offer three distinct types of audiences.

Elements of a Core Audience

The default Facebook ad targeting option is Core Audiences. Targeting happens at the ad set level, and audiences can be broken out into separate ad sets when you want to bid differently for each audience.

Building a Core Audience on Facebook lets marketers reach people based on ad delivery around demographics, locations, age, gender, languages and detailed targeting options like interests.

When building Core Audiences, you can opt to include or exclude people from your target audience based on any of the attributes listed below. You can save Core Audiences for future use, and can modify Saved Audiences to test and optimize your targeting.

Location targeting allows marketers to target ads by different areas and to deliver ads based on whether they live in a location, were recently in a location, or are traveling in a location.

Interest targeting focuses on consumer and lifestyle categories such as fitness, fashion, or hobbies.

Demographic targeting draws from information that people share publicly on Facebook about their education, political views, family/relationship status, life events, career, and more.

Targeting ad delivery by demographic traits—such as age and gender—is a time-honored marketing strategy.

When targeting ad delivery by age, be aware that Facebook ad policies prohibit advertising certain product categories to people under the age of 18. These include financial services, gambling or lotteries, and health and fitness products — including herbal and dietary supplements. Additionally, age restrictions regarding alcohol can vary by country, state, or province. View our advertising policies to learn more about geographic targeting limitations for restricted content.

You should ONLY add language targeting if the language you’re targeting is NOT the primary language spoken in the location you’re targeting.

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