Brand planning and targeting

Use this lesson to:

  • Understand the significance of the Planning tool
  • Recognize how Facebook’s News Feed is the center of discovery for digital and mobile audiences
  • Recognize Facebook’s tools for targeting users to ensure that your brand’s message makes it through the marketing funnel

Before you get hands-on with your campaign, take the time to outline it.

A planning tool for reach and frequency buying

If you choose reach and frequency buying, be sure to use its companion tool Campaign Planner for media planning. This tool lets you create, compare, and share media plans for reach and frequency buying on Facebook and Instagram. It is designed to help you develop more effective campaigns in three ways:

  1. Predict the reach and frequency of campaigns. Add details like target audience, schedule, and budget to predict available reach, frequency, and pricing for brand campaigns.
  2. Optimize campaign performance by comparing versions. Create multiple versions of a media plan and compare them to see which version is most effective.
  3. Share media plans with others. Keep clients and colleagues informed of the plans you create.

Learn about Campaign Planner in the How to use Campaign Planner Blueprint course.

Sample campaign plan

Here’s a sample pre-populated planning template streamlined for illustrative purposes. As you go through the course, you’ll see how these parts come together.

Goal Audience Key message Key performance indicator (KPI)* Campaign duration Budget and buying Expected ROI
Reach as many people in our audience as possible as allowed by schedule and budget Moms with young children within 50 miles of Paris Come celebrate the grand opening of our new flagship store this weekend and get a free gift with purchase Reach 1 June to 7 June USD$2,500
Auction buying
10,000 people reached, cost per reach = USD$0.25

*Your KPI is a metric that can help you understand your campaign performance.


Facebook IQ:

Facebook IQ is the place to go to access our insights offerings of studies and tools designed to help you create campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Unique to Facebook, they provide actionable insights about people, marketing, and measurement. Our learnings are based on the people engaging in our communities and the businesses that advertise with us.

  • Studies: provide actionable insights about people, marketing and measurement fueled by internal data analysis and commissioned qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Tools: power data-driven

Check out Facebook IQ and sign up to have people and advertising insights delivered to you!

Audience Insights:

Audience Insights gives you access to audience data that can deepen your understanding of who your audiences are and what matters to them. The insights you surface can help inform your campaign’s audience, messaging and creative execution and ultimately help you create campaigns that deliver results.

Within Audience Insights, you can view aggregate, anonymized information about two groups of people:

  • People connected to your Facebook Page
  • People on Facebook

After selecting one of these audiences, you can view aggregated data that includes their:

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Language

An example:

A business owner is creating a campaign to promote premium cookware and they have a vague idea of who might be interested in their products. They think their audience is primarily female between 30 and 45 years old making a certain income. They look at Audience Insights to validate the hypothesis.

They find out that nearly equal ratios of men and women on Facebook have indicated an interest in cooking and recipes and the ideal age range for the ads is actually more than 45 years old.

This means the marketing should also target males and a population older than 45 years.


Facebook and Instagram offer targeting that’s based on real people — not proxies.

You can target by:

  • Audience type
  • Location

Audience types

We offer three audience types.

  • Core Audiences
  • Custom Audiences
  • Lookalike Audiences

Core Audiences:

Our targeting tools are designed to reach the audiences you want. The first is Core Audiences, a powerful way to filter for the people you want to reach.

You can filter for these audience attributes: Demographics, Location, Interests, and Behavior.

  • Demographics: Reach people based on demographics like age, gender, education and more
  • Location: Reach people in cities, countries, and communities where you want to do business
  • Interests: Reach people based on their interests, hobbies, and Pages they like on Facebook
  • Behavior: Reach people based on their device usage, and other activities

Learn more in the Core Audiences Blueprint course.

Custom Audiences:

With Custom Audiences, you can reach people on Facebook and Instagram with data you have in a privacy-safe way. It allows you to reach customers you already know, remarket to them, and continue their experience with your brand. It’s an easy way to use first-party data for worldwide activation.

Learn more in the Custom Audiences Blueprint course.

Lookalike Audiences:

Use lookalike audiences on Facebook and Instagram to help reach people who share demographic and behavioral traits with your best customers. This can be used for audience expansion or prospecting.

Learn more in the Lookalike Audiences Blueprint course.

Location targeting

Location targeting lets you reach people based on their location with these capabilities:

Radius targeting:

Facebook selects a default radius based on the type of location selected. For example, if you target a location near the border of another country, the radius will not extend into bordering countries even though it may appear to in the interface. From here, you can select a custom radius from a city center, zip or post code, or business address.

You can also drop a pin on a map and reach out to people within a certain radius of the pin.

Refining audiences within a location:

  • Everyone in this location (Default): People whose current city on their Facebook profile is that location as well as anyone determined to be in that location via other signals, such as mobile device.
  • People who live in this location: People whose current city from their Facebook profile is within that location. This is also validated by IP address and their Facebook friends’ stated locations.
  • Recently in this location: This targets people whose most recent location is within your selected area, as determined by the device and connection information that we may collect. This includes people who live there or who may be traveling there. You might want to advertise time sensitive sale events, for example, to people recently in the location you choose.
  • People traveling in this location: People whose most recent location is the selected area, as determined via mobile device, and are greater than 100 miles from their stated home location from their Facebook profiles.

Note that location targeting options vary by country.

Learn more about location targeting.

Brand Safety

When advertisers discuss Brand Safety, they can mean different things; but they’re often talking about preventing ads from delivering within or alongside content that is not conducive to their brand. To decide if this is relevant for your business, check out our best practices for Brand Safety.

We help protect advertisers’ brands by:

  • Enforcing Community Standards for the content individuals can share on Facebook and Instagram. We also ensure that only apps, websites and Facebook Pages that comply with our policies can be part of Audience Network.
  • Targeting audiences effectively.
  • Providing controls for where your ads are shown, allowing you to block certain URLs or sensitive content on in-stream video, Instant Articles and Audience Network.

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