Brand Measurement

Use this lesson to:

  • Understand measurements in Ads Manager

Our philosophy on measuring marketing impact is based on three outcomes outlined here, and if your goal is brand-building, you will be eyeing the Brand Outcomes:

Audience Outcomes

  • How many people did your ads reach? How frequently?
  • Did the ads reach the right audience?
  • Did the ads reach people cross-device?

Brand Outcomes

  • Did the ads break through? Are they memorable?
  • Did they generate brand awareness?
  • Did the ads change the perception of your brand?

Sales Outcomes

  • Did the ads drive your business outcomes? Did they contribute to ROI?
  • Did the ads results in sales, leads, or app installs?

How did your brand campaign perform?

It’s important to understand the performance of your ads to inform future campaign decisions and improve your results continuously. You can learn about your brand campaign’s performance through:

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