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  • Manage permissions, payment history and payment methods

Ad account settings

Your Ads Manager settings contains the following sections:

Ad Accounts: Set up or edit the name of your ad account, choose your currency, enter a business name, address and tax ID number, and specify whether you’re purchasing ads on behalf of a business or an agency.

  • This is where you can set an ad attribution window, which tells Facebook how long someone’s actions should be attributed to an ad after they’ve seen or interacted with it.
  • Ad account admins can add or remove people from an ad account, and manage roles and permissions from this section.
  • Note: If you change the currency type or timezone, Ads Manager will create a new and separate ad account for your campaign.

Pages: See a list of all the Pages you have permissions for and what role you have on each.

Payment Settings: Add or edit payment methods, set a top-level spending limit on the ad account and find out when your next billing date is.

Notifications: Manage how Facebook informs you of activity on your ad account(s). Set a primary email address.

Click here to edit your settings in Ads Manager.

Payment methods

In Payment Settings, admins can set a spending limit for the entire ad account and select how to purchase Facebook ads:

  • By credit or debit card
  • Through PayPal
  • Directly from an online banking account
  • With a Facebook ad coupon (if you’re eligible)

This is also where you can view your current balance and opt to pay it before it’s due.

Billing and payments

Ad account admins can access billing details and payment methods through an ad account’s settings.

Your spending limit, budget and ad spend are all different figures. The account spending limit is the maximum you’re willing to pay for all ads for all time across your ad account. You set your ad account spending limit at the ad account level. If you try to change this more than 10 times in an hour, you’ll have to wait an hour before you can attempt it again.

You can also set a spending limit at the campaign level. All ads within that campaign will stop running once the campaign limit is reached.

A budget is the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for delivery of the ads contained in that ad set per day. You submit your budget at the ad set level.

Your ad spend is the actual amount you paid for those ads. You can also specify a billing threshold, so you’ll be automatically charged each time you hit a certain spend, and receive another bill at the end of the month for any outstanding balance.

In this short video, facebook’s explain how Facebook ad billing works. When you run ads on Facebook, you’re always in control of how much you spend, by setting your budget and schedule.

You’ll set a budget for each ad you run, and facebook’s never charge you more than that amount for that ad. As your ad runs, your budget is spent on your ad. How fast your budget is spent depends on a few things: like audience size, your bid to reach them, and your schedule.

Your account is charged for Facebook ads when the total cost of all of the ads on your account hits a certain amount. When you consistently hit the billing threshold, we’ll raise the threshold limit, so your account is charged less often. If your ads don’t reach the threshold amount, we’ll just bill you at the end of the month.

And, when you want to see how much you’re spending on your ads, you can see an estimated daily spend limit in Ads Manager. And, in the Billing section, you’ll find all your final charges including the specific ads you paid for and exactly what you paid for: like running an ad for awareness or getting people to click your ad.

Be sure to note: your final bill may be more than the budget for your ad. That’s because your account is charged for all the ads you’re running. But we always stay within the budget you set for each ad. We want to make managing your Facebook ads as easy as possible — which is why we put you in control of your budget, and viewing your ad costs.

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Ad accounts operate within a single currency. If you operate internationally, you’ll set up a new ad account for each currency you use to purchase Facebook ads. You can change your preferred currency by creating a new ad account operating with a different currency, or by changing the currency in Ad Account Setup, below Ad Accounts in your settings.

If you plan to operate multiple ad accounts, we recommend using Business Manager to link those accounts. This will help coordinate your efforts, teams, data reporting and creative assets.

Learn more about managing payments and how Facebook protects your financial details.

Ads review process

Once you’ve placed an order, the Facebook ads team will review your ad. We typically review ads shortly after they’re submitted. Approval times vary.

Troubleshoot ad delivery

There are many factors that can affect ad delivery. Let’s investigate a few of the most common to make sure that your ads run when you need them to.

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