An Introduction to Measuring Creative Effectiveness

This lesson will prepare you to:

  • Explain the importance of measuring creative effectiveness.
  • Identify the two types of testing solutions.

  • Select the appropriate approach to measure the success of advertising campaigns.

Why measurement matters

Ad creative is one of the most important factors that determines the success of a campaign. That’s why it’s important to develop creative thoughtfully and leverage data and insights gained from testing.

Reasons for testing

Achieve better outcomes

Testing can help you avoid the costs of running creative that performs poorly.

If you want to try something new, but you’re unsure how it will perform, you can test it to determine its potential effectiveness.

You can also use testing to learn if something will work differently than expected. For example, you can test whether concepts delivered as static images or animated GIFs yield different outcomes. Other examples include: TVC vs. created for mobile, vertical video vs. other aspect ratios, sound vs. silent, long vs. short runtime and brand up front vs. brand lockup at the end.

Prove what works from the start

A pre-campaign test that compares two versions of creative can prove what works from the start and settle internal debates. This can in turn help you manage the creative output better.

Provide Greater value to your clients

Advertisers can utilize testing to help ensure they’re getting the best results out of every campaign. This also creates an opportunity for creative agencies to deliver additional value to their clients and make campaigns more successful.

Testing solutions

So how do you execute creative testing? You first must determine what you want to test and which test to use. Let’s look at two approaches.

A/B Testing
A/B Testing

A/B Test

An A/B test compares two different versions of an ad to determine which performs better against a metric of your choosing. If you want to test tactical changes, like different versions of your ad or best practices to optimize future ads, you can use an A/B test.

Lift Test

You can also assess the true value of your advertising and measure the impact of your ads using a lift test. A lift test compares the actions of people who have had the opportunity to see your ad with people who haven’t to determine if your Facebook ads are generating the desired outcomes.

Citibank Thailand optimizes creative after A/B testing

The team at Citibank Thailand used an A/B test to determine whether using both photos and video in their ads would work better than using only photos. In the end, they found that testing is a great way to find new ways of improving ads before scaling up their campaign.

Through testing, the team discovered that ads with photos and video yielded the following results:2

  • 50% increase in click-throughs with combination of photo and video ads

  • 63% increase in landing page views with combination of photo and video ads

  • 75% more attributed leads with combination of photo and video ads

  • 76% lower cost per lead with combination of photo and video ads

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