Ad Delivery and Optimization Tools

Use this lesson to:

  • Identify when to use Delivery Insights.
  • Discuss the Estimated Daily Results tool.
  • Summarize how you can use Estimated Daily Results and Delivery Insights together.

Troubleshoot the performance of your ads

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why is my ad underdelivering?
  • How can I see forecasts for how my ads might deliver?
  • Why aren’t I getting many conversions?

If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, we have several tools that can help you troubleshoot the performance of your ads.

Accessing Delivery Insights

Use Delivery Insights for a comprehensive look into your ad set’s performance. The dashboard metrics provide data and guidance to help you interpret fluctuations in performance and decide what to do about it.

Estimated Daily Results

This tool predicts potential results in the auction. With this information, you can adjust your daily budget to see predictions for your campaign’s potential reach and outcomes before you commit to a budget.

When you create or edit an ad set, you can view the estimated daily results based on changes you make to budget, audience, bid amount and placements. When you understand the impact of these changes, you can make more informed decisions on how to optimize your ad sets.

Estimates are available for the recommended optimization goals for these objectives:

  • Engagement (Page Post Engagement, Page Likes, Event Responses)
  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversions
  • Traffic

For advertisers who want to optimize for reach, we recommend the reach and frequency buying type.

In the Budget & Schedule section of Ads Manager, Estimated Daily Results provides you with these views:

  • Budget curve: Use this to adjust your budget and see the predicted daily outcomes while you edit ad sets in real-time.
  • Slider bar: Use this to adjust audience, placements, bid amounts and budget to review the predicted daily outcomes in real-time.

See the big picture

You can use the Estimated Daily Results and Delivery Insights tools together. Here’s an example, starting from when you first create your ad set to when you conduct a performance check-up.

Estimated Daily Results

After you create a new ad set…

Delivery Insights

…you look for insights within the results…

Estimated Daily Results Curve

…and edit the ad set to improve performance.

Knowledge check

Key takeaways

  • Delivery Insights provide you with the information you need to help interpret fluctuations in campaign performance.
  • The Estimated Daily Results tool is helpful for campaigns that optimize for actions like video views, conversions and app installs. If the campaign goal is to reach audiences at scale and pricing predictability is important, you can use the tool to gauge the unique number of people you will reach with your campaign.
  • If you use the tools together, you may better understand the influence your actions have on the predicted outcomes and performance of your campaigns.

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