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    For those of you who use the website as the main sales channel, website optimization is a very important issue. In this article I will guide you how to speed up your website effectively.
    In e-commerce a website with good performance will be indicated by the following indicators:
    • Bounce rate
    • High return visitors rate
    • Time on site is high
    Let’s talk about other issues related to product, price or policy. A website that offers a good user experience will always have a higher conversion rate than your competition.
    Besides, it also increases customers’ trust in your brand.
    Reports on these metrics can be viewed via Google analytics enhanced e-commerce.
    You often focus on advertising channels, optimize advertising campaigns, increase advertising budget. Forget about advertising is just a tool to help customers access the product. In that journey, there are many other influencing factors. And website is one of those factors.
    The index related to website performance will also affect your website’s search engine ranking on google. Is one thing that SEOs should care about, if you are planning to do SEO.

    Analyzing the current website the first step in speeding up the webite.

    Before you start getting into website performance optimization. You need to analyze the problems that your website has, what should be optimized and where to optimize.
    A website with good performance will have a page load time of less than 3 seconds. If your website really does this it will mean a lot to the competition for keyword rankings.
    Some website analysis tools:
    • Google page speed insights
    • Pingdom
    Website speed up
    Analyze Website


    Usually there are 4 popular types of hosting:
    • Shared hosting
    • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
    • Dedicated server
    • Cloud server

    Shared hosting

    You will have to share your CPU, server RAM with other sites that also use this server. This is why shared hosting is slower than other forms.
    The strengths of this approach are low cost and short deployment time.

    Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

    VPS is a virtual server initialized on a physical server. Your configuration place won’t affect other servers.
    Suitable for pages with average traffic. More powerful than shared hosting, but in return you need to have programming knowledge to do it.

    Dedicated server

    As a physical server of your own. This method is quite time consuming and expensive

    Cloud server

    Activity based on cloud computing technology, is very popular right now because of its flexibility.
    Depending on the needs of each person, you can choose a suitable host.
    Loogle is currently leasing hosts from google cloud at a cost of only 400k / month

    Image optimization

    Often you will pay less attention to the size and size of the images when uploading to the website.
    If you are using hosting with slow speed. This will affect the user’s experience on the website. And the website loading speed
    How to fix:
    • You can use the image resizing software: Light Image Resizer, Photoshop, …
    • Use image compression tools: ImageOptim, JPEGmini, TinyPNG, …

    Reduce the number of unnecessary Plugins

    Plugins are an indispensable component of the wordpress website. Depending on the functions and needs of the users they are installed. To serve a need or a function for the user.
    However, over time, the number of plugins on your website will increase. More plugins require more resources to load. At this point force you to upgrade your hosting or remove some unnecessary plugins.
    Besides, using unknown or low-quality plugins can affect the security of your website.
    The best solution is to keep only what is absolutely necessary and remember to update it regularly.

    Minimize number of javascript and CSS files

    If your website contains many javascript and css files. When customers visit your website. Their browser has to process many files individually and slow down the speed of the website.
    You can fix it by using available tools such as: Wp rocket, WillPeavy, Script Minifier, Grunt, …

    Use caching

    The use of this feature is to store the cache of previously visited users. This means the website is cached and does not resubmit the database request every time the customer visits again.
    It depends on which platform you use to make the web.
    For wordpress, I recommend:
    • W3 Total Cache
    • W3 Super Cache

    Use high quality themes and plugins

    To choose from high quality themes and plugins. You should pay attention to the developer history and user reviews.
    Do not rush to look good interface or add the words “optimal” that you rush to use. Because it is not sure if it is optimized for your code.

    Clean photo gallery & post history

    Even if you use tools to optimize image size and size. Over time your photo library will still grow. These files can take up your server resources.
    The Media Cleaner tool can help you remove images that are not used, or appear on, any post or page.
    In addition, the historical backups of articles can take up 1 of unnecessary space.
    lịch sử bài viết
    article history
    Therefore, you need to regularly clean your archive with the Wp-optimize tool.
    Besides, you can use WP-Optimize to optimize your database. It will delete unused data and optimize the MySQL database


    Above are 8 ways to help you optimize your website, especially on wordpress platforms.
    If you do not have a website, you can read the article Website design does not need to know programming in wordpress
    Or contact Loogle for support.
    Wish you early success!

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